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      Production Teams

      Teens who join an ARTLAB+ Production Team work on real client-based projects. Teen photographers or filmmakers learn on the job by producing, shooting, and editing for a wide range of Smithsonian and community events. The majority of these projects are paid and teens should look for announcements to apply. Preference will be given to those teens who have been ARTLAB+ certified for the necessary skills.


      Certifications are developed by Mentors as a way for teens to become intrinsically motivated to achieve within their interests in digital mediums. In addition to displaying a specific set of skills, these certifications encourage teens to use their critical thinking. Certifications are tracked internally by the program and conversations occur between Mentors and teens to encourage teen’s to use their acquired certifications to help them get into college or apply for jobs. When applicable, the ARTLAB+ program also incorporate professional standards into our certification tests and aligns them to Common Core Standards.

      Peer Mentoring

      ARTLAB+ encourages youth to build their skill sets within digital mediums and share those skills with fellow peers and Mentors. Informally and formally, Mentors look for opportunities within the studio space to pair up teens to learn from each other or ask selected teens to assist with workshops. Overtime, ARTLAB+ hopes that peer mentorship will create a community of Mentors, teens and alumni that are constantly evolving and learning skills from each other.

      Internships and Community Service

      Teens can collect community service hours or participate in internships for school credit in ARTLAB+. Mentors work with individual teens to come up with a schedule that focuses on their career goals, as well as school requirements. At the completion of an internship, teens also have the opportunity to obtain a management certification, depending on the project they worked on during their internship. To learn more, please contact Dawn Thomas at ThomasDEL@si.edu.


      ARTLAB+ collects job announcements and calls for artwork from the Smithsonian and the surrounding community. Teens interested in showing their work, looking for job experience, or other paid and unpaid opportunities should visit the CyberNavigator at the front desk, check this blog, or the ARTLAB+ facebook page.